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Club Championships 2018

Most of you will be aware that the club championships is based on a handicapped start time so that every club member has a chance to win by being first across the finish line if they perform better on the day than their handicap suggests. Ideally, if handicapping and performance matched exactly then everyone would finish together. Over the years there has been some good head to head racing in the final stages.

This year your Fixtures Committee scheduled the event for Saturday 20th October knowing there was a good chance that DVO would get through to the Compass Sport Cup Final the following day on Cannock Chase. That meant there would be no events to pull people away and with the Cup Final being close there was no need to be away on the Saturday night. However various members commented that they would not want to do two events in the same weekend. So the club committee has decided that we will run the Club Champs at the CS Cup Final which after all we would hope that all club members would turn out for being the only competition at which we run specifically as a club. This has the advantages that we don’t have to find officials or an area to stage the Club Champs and no-one is unable to take part because they are officiating.

The handicapper will calculate the expected running time for every club entrant as normal and thus the winners of the Club trophies (1st male and 1st female across the line) will go to whoever beats their expected running time by the biggest margins. The trophies for the fastest man and fastest woman will be calculated as normal using the course lengths (adjusted by climb). We will probably not know the winners on the day so we hope to have an awards ceremony at some kind of event soon after. That will also be the chance to award the other club trophies.

So keep Sunday 21st October (Trafalgar Day) free and submit your entry when the Club Captain calls for names. It is hoped that every club member will take part. As we have said again and again numbers count. Even if you are not amongst the club’s 25 scorers you can be pushing down the scores of runners from other clubs. It is significant that the winner of each of the heats has been the club with the largest turnout. And this year we have proximity on our side.

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