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Mapping Data

This website contains mapping data licensed from the Ordnance Survey with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office © Crown Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Licence Number 100005988

Informal event programme

Local, small events aimed at getting started and better

Courses provided:
White/Yellow: Easy routes along footpaths or other obvious line features like walls and streams. Having to make choices at path junctions which way to go. Checking the control number is the one for this course.

Orange: Using line features (paths, walls, streams or wood edges) to get closer to the control and then navigating a short distance to the control.

Light Green: using the full range of mapped detail (e.g. contours, vegetation changes, rock features such as crags and boulders) to navigate between the paths to a control located on a feature such as a ditch end.

Training Exercise: one exercise per event. Examples: Bearings and pacing (setting a compass to match the pink line between control circles and then walking/running pace the measured distance); corridor map (a thin strip of map remains demanding close attention to location matching the map detail available); control flow (“traffic lights” green=flat out speed, amber = prepare for fine navigation, red = slower fine navigation into and out of the control). Contour interpretation, relocation and other techniques.
The exercises will be available during the hours of the event only. They are free of charge. A coach will be at the events to assist and set people off and check them back in.

Registration: 10.00 -11.00. Starts: 10.30- 11.30

Date Venue Grid Reference Organiser/Planner Notes
Sat 21/03/15 Broomfield Hall SK38839 Ned Needham/Helen Chiswell  
Sat 16/05/15 Allestree Park SK352408 Ned Needham/Ben Crane  
Sat 11/07/15 Shipley SK432454 Val Johnson/Rex Bleakman Informal Event also – Derbyshire Schools & Youth Groups Champs. Special Event – pre entry available or Enter on the Day.
Wed 12/08/15 Ilam SK134509 Mike Godfree Come and Try Orienteering
Sat 12/09/15 Darley Park SK353383 TBA  
Sat 03/10/15 Carsington SK245548 Stuart Swalwell Club Champs. Club members only