Bakewell - Sunday 25 August 2024

Double Sprint

About this event

Try orienteering (or refine your Sprint skills) at our Double Sprint in lovely Bakewell. We’ll try and find two quieter areas of town to stage Parts 1 and 2 of the race, and the winners will be the people with the lowest aggregate time on the Short, Medium and Long courses. Start times for Part 1 will be 10:30–12 noon and for Part 2 1–2:30pm. If you wish to run both courses in the morning or afternoon window, that’s fine, but you may need to ‘self-start’. Download until 4pm.

This event will use real controls and SportIdent chip timing, rather than Smartphone/MapRun timing as per the Saturday and Monday events.

Entries will open on Fabian4 in late July and there’ll be limited entry on the day.

The event is Day 2 of probably the ONLY EVER Golden Rose event! Normally orienteers run in the White Rose event in north Yorkshire on August Bank Holiday weekend, but this year the organising club were sadly unable to host.



Postcode: DE45 1EE

Grid reference: SK218685

Event details

Courses available : Short; Medium; Long;

Dogs : In car park only

Event officials

Planner: David Vincent

Controller: Jane Kayley-Burgess

Organiser: - Contact:

Type of event: D (Local)

Entries and other event details

How to enter

Since this is a smaller event, entry is on-the-day only, at the event, rather than online.

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