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Mapping Data

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About Orienteering

From Wikipedia:

Orienteering map extract
“Orienteering is a adventure sport involving navigation with a map and compass. The traditional form (sometimes referred to as “Foot Orienteering” or “Foot-O”) involves cross-country running, though other forms have evolved. The competition is a timed race in which individual participants use a special purpose map and a magnetic compass to navigate through diverse terrain (often wooded) and visit, in sequence, control points that are indicated on the map. The course of control points is kept secret from the competitors, until the start, when they are provided with a detailed topographic map on which the course is marked. Competitors start at staggered intervals, are individually timed, and are expected to perform all navigation skills on their own. Standings are determined first by successful completion of the course, then by shortest time on course.”

A newcomers guide to orienteering on the British Orienteering Website.

They have also produced a video called Orienteering Adventure sport for all explaining the basics.

A beginners guide is also available as a pdf download.

A set of Orienteering Skills Videos produced by South London Orienteers are available on the British Orienteering Website.