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Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my experience of planning my first event.


Volunteers are always hard to come by and after last helping ‘properly’ (organised JK2018 day 1) a while ago, I thought it was my turn to have a go at planning.


I remember doing a little planning training years ago on an Army course, so I knew it was going to be a challenge.

Foremark was available and so I agreed to have a go.


First lesson learnt; never volunteer to plan an event until you have looked at the map! When I did see the map I thought ‘how on earth can I plan courses on that!’. Anyway, I headed to Foremark to have a look and see what was possible. Thankfully the area is not as bad as I first thought!


Over the next few weeks, with help from what seemed like every member of DVO, I managed to piece together a few courses! Rex and Mike were ace at being critical and Ranald’s notes helped me plan a yellow standard course the correct way (but I will let you all be the judge of that!).


The terrain is mostly runnable and there are a few features out there despite what the map suggests. I imagine all the courses will have fast times if your nav is on form.


I hope the super sprint course goes down well and that all courses are well attended. Please do feed back any good or bad points you may have as I need to get better.


The weather is set to be fair, so I hope you all enjoy your runs.


Sorry I couldn’t be there on the day and a huge thanks for those members who pulled the event out the bag for Helen and I. Here’s to the next one!


Sally Calland


Next DVO events: Sun. 28th November - Hardwick Hall. Regional event. Sun. 2nd January - Melbourne Urban event

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