Results for DVO Regional Event, Allestree, 13/11/2022

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Organiser Nicky Hart, Planner Brian Denness, Controller Jane Kayley-Burgess

Planner’s Comments

What a treat for a Planner to be able to use Allestree Park in its entirety, and with the benefit of Richard’s excellent new map. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and runners were generous in giving positive feedback. We were fortunate, too, with decent weather an Autumn season that shows the woodland at its very best. I would like to thank Jane, who put a lot of work into her role as Controller, providing tactful feedback and advice that was gratefully received. The rest of the DVO team, not least Nicky as Organiser, came together on the day with its usual calm and friendly efficiency. We had over 200 runners and I would like to thank you all for coming along to enjoy what must be our premier park, and contributing to a thoroughly enjoyable day.



Controller’s Comments

I was so excited about Allestree! The new map and the use of the whole area meant we had a wonderful opportunity to showcase a great park. And my first opportunity to control for DVO. 

Brian is a very thoughtful planner. He is thorough and works hard to make sure runners of all ages and abilities have a good time, and to test the better runners to ensure they are concentrating and stay focussed on the detail. The combination of sneaky woodland and lovely open running meant there was scope to do that. Thank you Brian. 

Nicky is a great organiser. I felt absolutely safe that she wouldn’t miss anything, and she didn’t. Nothing was too much trouble and her trusty deputy Simon was on hand to provided physical and moral support. Thank you both. 

Thank you Kim and Russ for taking over the start to allow me to concentrate on controlling. I love the way DVO teams work and how our officials always do their best. 

It’s hours and hours of work to get an event like this off the ground and a day like today makes it so worthwhile. 



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