Results for EMUL, Melbourne, 02/01/2022

Our thanks are due to the Melbourne Sports Partnership and Alex in particular for making us so welcome.

Organiser Malc Spencer, Planner Doug Dickinson, Controller Mike Godfree

course results
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Lost property: pair of tinted glasses.  Claim as below.

Organiser’s Comments

After a year’s delay it was nice to get the Melbourne Urban underway today.

As Organiser it made my life relatively easy being based at the Melbourne Sports Partnership with decent car parking, Registration, Start, Finish, and Download all being adjacent. There was some good feedback on Doug’s courses, and we had Mike as Controller to make sure everything was up to a high standard. We had a good turnout with 206 competitors and the weather was kind to us!  A good start to this year’s East Midland Urban League.

Malc Spencer

Planner’s Comments

At 05:00 this morning the rain was beating down incessantly … shortly after, with head torch on, I began to put out the controls for the day. Each one had to be grippled to some object … this takes time … gripples have the strangest way of knowing when you are in a hurry and so they tangle and then spike your fingers. Still, all was done, in place and ready for you by 10:00 and the day was brightening. It was super to see the DVO teams springing into action piloted by a steady and calm event Organiser Malc Spencer. My thanks to my controller, Mike Godfree, for his consistent help and advice.

As the smell of bacon rolls drifted across the start area I stood back and watched many familiar faces from near and far ready to do battle with the Melbourne streets. Courses were planned to give as much of a trip around the town as distance allowed. I hope that you enjoyed yours, particularly the finishing climb out of the town.

Doug Dickinson

Controller’s comments

This event was ready to roll in December 2020 so it seems a long time thanks to Covid. Doug worked tirelessly improving the courses, checking and re-checking. Fortunately, even the control collectors were back before the rain started.

My apologies for not noticing the number 18 on course 1 obscuring the best route choice before the maps were printed. Patently the clock in control 114 is out of synch (about 5 mins slow) so your splits before and after this control are wrong by that amount.

Mike Godfree

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