Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield

11th June 2023

Club Scores

Participating clubs LEI
Counters for team have their club shown in bold and underlined.
Scoring: 9 best scores across all 8 classes for Trophy. 5 best scores across all 8 classes for Shield. Max 4 counters on any one course. Max 3 counters on any one class.


LEI 498 5 to count

Trophy Green M

100 Eoin Simpson  LEI     M14   53:21

Trophy Green W

100 Ellen Simpson LEI     W16   70:17
 99 Robyn Jarvis  LEI     W18   85:03

Trophy Yellow M

100 Aidan Chester LEI     M12   35:32
 99 Hugh Chester  LEI     M10   53:22

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