Results for UK & EM Urban League, Dronfield, 02/01/2023

Planner Richard Parkin, Controller Craig Lucas (LOG), Organisers Graham & Val Johnson.


First, it is incumbent on me to thank the weather gods for looking kindly upon us. The requisite tribute has been offered in the traditional manner. Thanks also to Graham for organizing and, as usual, the DVO teams for making it a seamless experience (I believe). Most of all, for my part, thanks to Craig Lucas, the controller, for helping me hang controls and his good humour. We attempted to hang all forty-six on the morning of the event and we managed it, just. I feel the courses made good use of the area, which wasn’t technically challenging, but did provide sufficient interest in terms of route choice and potential confusion for the unwary. I heard some discussion of optimum routes. I don’t know the answer to those questions, but am keen to see what your solutions were—so please share your routes on Routegadget if you can. See you soon, Richard P.


Organiser’s Comments

These are just a series of ‘thank you’s masquerading as comments. If there were any problems with the event, major or minor, I am not aware of them.

Thank you to:

-        The staff at Dronfield Sports Centre. They, especially the Centre Manager, Paul Newton, have been co-operation personified from the outset, accommodating our every need and then some, including waiving the car park restrictions. This includes provision of the Hall, welcome not only on a sunny winter’s day as we had, but imagine how essential it would have been in the event of a downpour. There were still some orienteers in the café as we left to go home ourselves.

-        The efficiency of DVO’s teams of helpers, some of whom slotted into unfamiliar roles with enthusiasm and no complaint. Special mention to those team leaders who took the time to visit the site in advance of the event to recce their area of responsibility.

-        All DVO members who contributed so generously to the raffle. The table groaning with food, drink and jigsaws tempted many to stay behind to see if fortune smiled upon them, and made the event so much more social than if people had simply dispersed to their cars and returned home.

Graham and Val Johnson


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