Results for UKUL, Ashbourne, 01/01/2024

Organiser – Stuart Swalwell, Planner – Doug Dickinson, Controller – Mike Godfree

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Organiser’s Comments,

We had 250 entrants. The fine weather and the use of the Pavilion made the orienteering experience enjoyable for everyone. Thanks go to the volunteer helpers. We were clearly stretched at this time of Year but all seemed to go well - the two car parking marshals were visiting Derbyshire from Croatia and were roped in to help!

As ever, the work of the Planner and Controller was immense.

The raffle organised by Val Johnson was well received. Thanks again to those who were able to donate a prize.

Enjoy your orienteering during the rest of the Year!

Stuart Swalwell

Planner’s Comments


Thanks for coming to this UK Urban League and East Midlands Urban League event. I hope that you enjoyed your race up and down and around the town of Ashbourne … we even got the weather right after the incredibly bad forecasts in the lead up to the day.

I am interested to know how close you got to the distance I calculated for each course. This was done on the basis of the shortest feasible and legal route. The courses were planned to be ‘Urban’ in the sense of ‘not Sprint’ … fast, but with some challenging long legs to test concentration over time and distance. Each of the adult courses also got a look at the Town centre.

I was determined to give Courses 1 and 2 the ‘up and over’ or ‘very much under’ leg, giving the opportunity to run through the railway tunnel to avoid climb. I hope your Route Gadget will show how many of you took this rather unique route. I could not offer the chance to other courses because of climb/distance restrictions – sorry.

Congratulations to all who raced Course 6 for successfully facing and overcoming the ‘mud fest’ of the riverside legs.

Doug Dickinson


Sunday 21st January – National Event(Level B) on Eyam Moor, Grindleford. Entries open now on Fabian

Sunday 3rd March – Regional Event (Level C) Shipley Country Park, Heanor.


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