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Derwent Valley Orienteers (DVO) is committed to the safety, well-being and enjoyment of all those involved in the sport including competitors, volunteers, coaches, parents and members of the public. As such we have adopted British Orienteering’s (BOF’s) relevant policies and guidelines and summarised them for ease of use within the Club.

BOF’s statement on Safeguarding and Safety states that:

When you bring your children orienteering we will help you to ensure their welfare and safety by ensuring that;

  • the people who run the sport are safe to be with
  • we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your children will be safe from other participants and strangers
  • the challenges set will be manageable so that your children are able to find their way around the course
  • they are not likely to be injured but if they are there are people and procedures in place to look after them
  • your children’s individual needs will be considered as far as possible within the nature of the sport.

Whilst they refer to children, these statements could just as well apply to all those involved in the sport.

British Orienteering has also set out in its O-Safe policy a framework to meet the commitment to good practice and the safeguarding and welfare of children and at-risk adults , which can also apply equally to all participants. There is also a useful O-Safe summary.

A final important document is British Orienteering’s Policies which contains a Code of Practice and statements on Ethics and Behaviour.

Date adopted: April 2018

Review date: April 2023, unless there are subsequent changes to British Orienteering’s policies and/or the legal situation.