Results for Regional event, Kedleston Hall, 26/09/2021

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Planner’s comments:

Kedleston proved to be quite a tricky area on which to plan technical courses, with limited good options for control sites in the woods, and quite a bit of undergrowth spoiling some areas that had looked promising on an initial inspection of the map.  I felt I made the most of what the area has to offer though, so it was gratifying to receive mainly positive feedback at the finish.  I deliberately set courses at the long end of the recommended distance ranges, owing to the good runnability, and the finish times generally seem to have been sensible.  I hope you all enjoyed your runs in the early-autumn sunshine.  Sorry to those who lost time due to the thicket at 111 being a little further west than mapped - it is clear that the map is showing its age.  Thanks to Dai for his constructive feedback and advice throughout the planning process, to Stuart for his efficient liaison with the National Trust, and to all volunteers on the day.  

David Pettit


Organiser’s comments:

Many thanks to the Planner and Controller for their efforts today. And, of course, the helpers. Everyone seemed to enjoy their outing  - even the ones who had to run up a hill at the Start! And if you enjoyed your run - even if you made a mistake, even if you were pretty tired at the end - then that will have made a pleasant morning for you.  


We had a number of new families turn up today using EOD. They would not have come if they were required to pre-enter. Newcomers find the pre-entry system daunting. A combination of pre-entry and limited EOD (with a small surcharge) is a sensible balance. We must continue to attract newcomers to our sport.


Stuart Swalwell




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