Results for Regional Event, Carsington Pastures, 11/06/2023

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Organiser Nicky Hart, Planner Simon Brister, Controller Dave Chaffey

I want to thank all the volunteer helpers from DVO and beyond for their great support and commitment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable day for over 250 competitors - of all ages from 3 to 90.  Everyone was stoical about the heat but I’m going to risk being invidious by singling out Di Blount and Hilary Spencer, marshalls at the road crossing on the longer courses.  My sincere thanks to all.




I hope you enjoyed your run or walk despite it being the hottest day of the year so far. I heard some requests for a drinks station, not something we considered! There were more retirals than usual and times were generally slower compared to previous events on the area, with courses of a similar distance/climb, so it seems the heat did have an effect. Later starters had higher temperatures, but the tracks through the grass became very distinct.

It was Simon's first event planning and it seemed from the feedback that people enjoyed the courses, so congratulations to Simon and thanks to him for improving the quality of the courses through nettle clearance and litter picking.  Thanks also to John Duckworth for putting out controls on the shorter courses on the morning since the risk of cow control vandalism meant we couldn't put out as many as normal on the previous day. Thanks also to Nicky for organising with her calm, diligent approach.  

It was my first event controlling, since I prefer to plan, so we were pleased there weren't any major errors although we have learned quite a few things we would do differently next time thanks to feedback.   

Thanks, Dave 


Firstly, I want to say of all a big thank you to a number of people who have helped me enormously in my first event as planner.  Quite a tough one to start with. 


Without the tireless help and patience from the controller Dave Chaffey and considerable help from Jane Kayley-Burgess who acted as my mentor throughout I could not have planned the courses which I hope you enjoyed. Thanks too to John Duckworth for being there to help get controls out very early.  Of course, there are too many other volunteers who helped on the day (in exceedingly hot conditions) for me to thank individually – but ‘thank you all’.


Putting an event on in an area which includes Carsington Pastures (an area that altogether has 176 pits – according to the evidence at the Miner’s Arms in the village) and which is used by both sheep and more particularly cattle is challenging. The cows were generally young timid ones but unfortunately inquisitive.  I hope you didn’t find them troublesome. They like chewing the kites and trashing controls so this meant that putting out controls very late on Saturday and very early today.  My apologies to those of you who felt some of the controls were too deep in pits, but it was felt necessary to put them up in a way that didn't attract too much bovine attention.


It is a pleasure to be able to use Harboro’ Rocks for the longer courses and our use of the rocks is somewhat curtailed by the establishment of the Darley Dale clay pigeon shoot. They were due to have this Sunday as a competition day but after discussions they kindly moved that event to the Saturday and thus remove the risk of any competitors being sprinkled with lead shot.


It certainly made the event tough on one of the hottest days of the year.  In retrospect I think that bringing the event forward a couple of months before the cattle are ‘turned out’ may be a lesson for the future.


I hope you found it and enjoyable is somewhat challenging day.

Simon Brister


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