Results for Regional Event, Kedleston, 10/09/2023

Organiser – Stuart Swalwell, Planner – Brian Denness, Controller – Doug Dickinson

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Our apologies for control box 104 on white & yellow going missing, results allow for that.

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The Courses were open today at 0930. My thanks to the Planner and Controller for their combined efforts; they put the controls out on Saturday afternoon, in stifling heat, and then checked them all, first thing this morning. As an Organiser, you work closely with these two people and you get a firsthand view of the time, and the work, that they put into an event. It is quite staggering! They are, of course, volunteers, and we must remember that.


It was lovely to see so many youngsters attending today. Well done to you all.


My thanks, also, to the DVO teams. A great bunch of people, all doing important tasks, and doing so, with a smile.


We were packed up just before the threat of heavy rain.


DVO are hosting a number of MapRun events in the near future. Details on the DVO website.


Stuart Swalwell


Well, in the event, it wasn’t as hot as it might have been and the rain pretty much held off. Kedleston is a lovely park to run around but it has its challenges at this time of year. The open areas can be pretty hard work, while the forest is downright unfriendly in places. I tried to make the courses as interesting and runnable as possible, with all of that in mind. Apologies to those who felt their runs were spoilt by the map or the planner, and much appreciation to those who reported having a good time. Thanks, also, to Doug for his valued input into the courses and to him and Matt for their help in control placing. Stuart’s organisation and the reliable input of the DVO volunteers ensured that things went as smoothly as they always do.  



Firstly a big thank you to Planner Brian and Organiser Stuart for a resounding event and to the DVO teams who glued the whole thing together.


The courses were tough going as the undergrowth at this time of the year is really rampant . I trust that the stinging on your legs and knees will soon abate.


I was out in the Park before first light this morning just when the stillness and calm was at its best. Sunrise was spectacular.


The event has done my step count the world of good. With helping to put the controls out yesterday and checking them this morning I have amassed just over 50,000 steps in the 2 days.

Doug Dickinson

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