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Footpath Relay 21st June 2014

I am looking for 20 volunteers to run the Footpath relay on Saturday 21st June, based at Ilam Hall.  Legs with lengths/climb here.  Names to me with preference for legs as soon as possible please.  It is a handicap event so there is a place for everyone who would like to run – we can always enter a second team.

Liz (Liz.Godfree at

Black Rocks Informal Event 12/4/14

Results plus Organiser’s comments here

JK Relay teams

JK Relay teams as currently declared here.  No doubt there will be changes yet.  Note the long walk from car parking and the 20 minute call up.

I will be collecting monies on the day (£7 senior, £3 junior exact money or better still cheques to DVO)  (The club is paying half your fee).


EM League Event – Shining Cliff Sunday 30th March

Provisional results here - now with Planner’s, Coordinator’s and Controller’s comments.  Winsplits here. RouteGadget here.  RG2 here

Pre-JK preparation at the Open Meeting.

For all club members going to the Jan Kjellstrom Festival, South Wales this Easter.
Spend some time looking at the maps and the areas.
Discuss tactics and techniques with two of our best orienteers: John Duckworth and Liz Godfree.

Wednesday 9th April at The Bell, Cromford at 8pm, after the business part of the meeting.

Training at Level D Events

Training exercises will be available at DVO level D events during the hours of the event only. They are free of charge.
A qualified coach will be available at these events to assist and set people off and check them back in.

DVO take Robin Hood Trophy

Without any organisation DVO won today’s Robin Hood Trophy at Clumber. Congratulations to all scorers, see the list here.  Is this a first?

East Midlands League Event 23/2/14 – Lindop

Results here. Winsplits here. Routegadget here. RG2 here.

Compass Sport Cup Heat 16th February 2014

DVO second at today’s CS Cup Heat at Irwell Valley – a wet muddy, scrubby park, behind DEE but ahead of MDOC and NOC.  Full results on MDOC web site here.  Click on the link there to see DVO’s scorers.  A big thank you to everyone who turned out for the club on a glorious spring-like day.  A fine photo of DVO’s new club tent here.

Analysis of DVO scorers – courtesy of Dave Nevell

East Midlands League Event – Matlock Moor 19/1/14

Results here. Routegadget here.  Routegadget 2 (which doesn’t require Java) here  Winsplits online here.  Some help on RG2 on Results now uploaded to British Orienteering web site for ranking.  To quote from Routegadget UKs site
The original RG used Java (not related to Javascript) which runs as a separate application within your browser. Java has been used to hack into computers and is now considered a security risk because it allows access to bits of your computer that allow it to be infected. RG itself isn’t a security risk, but because the Java language it is written in is used by the bad guys, newer computers/operating systems have been gradually restricting its ability to run. So if you have an old computer/operating system and you don’t regularly update it you are probably best off using the original RG, but if you have newer stuff and update it regularly you will probably get a much better user experience from RG2.