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CompassSport Cup Results

Thanks to everyone who ran for the club in the qualifying heat at Postensplain and congratulations to our scoring runners who are shown alongside:

We had lots of good runs and high scores but our lack of depth in some classes meant that we did not score as highly as we might have done and therefore did not qualify for the final. For the full results please click on the following link

The full results can found on the Harlequins website results page

Christine Middleton
Club Captain

100 Judith Holt
99 Richard Parkin
98 Dai Bedwell
98 Helen Chiswell
97 Sal Chaffey
96 Ian Whitehead
96 Liz Godfree
96 Val Johnson
96 Marcus Scotney
96 Nicola Hart
95 Francesco Lari
95 Graham Johnson
95 Ann-Marie Duckworth
95 Mike Godfree
94 Dave Chaffey
94 Stuart Swalwell
93 Andrew Middleton
93 Darren Cook
92 David Turner
92 Christine Middleton
91 Amanda Price
91 Simon Brister
90 Viv Macdonald
87 Karen Bedwell

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