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Run-in at the Swedish Oringen – the Mecca of orienteering that everyone needs to attend at least once!

Sally Calland recommends some sunshine orienteering breaks abroad

I have always found it immensely frustrating that as a sport we can’t publish all the international multi day events on one website. They are in fact everywhere and always difficult to find.

That said, I have always had a wonderful time at overseas O events and want to share what is coming up. I have favourites, the City Race series and the Turkish, Spanish and Portugal events. These countries always welcome Brits with open arms and I have formed some good friendships over the years.

Here I have tried to add as many of the multi-day events happening in the next few years that I know about now. There will be countless others. I will endeavour to update the list every Newstrack [amazing, thank you! – Ed.].

European pricing has been significantly below UK multi-day event costs, but sadly this is starting to change. Canada, US and Italy are examples of extortionate prices. I always email the organisers and ask to pay cash on arrival. This negates the bank charges and exchange rate fees, and most oblige [Excellent tip, I remember doing this in 1994 with US dollars in Lithuania – Ed.].

I always book accommodation and car hire months in advance as free cancellation. Do keep an eye if you do this as prices can also drop. I just cancel and rebook if this is the case.

[Always good to share your plans with other club members, as they might like to book the same trip and either share accommodation, or book somewhere close by. There are at least three DVO groups going to this year’s Oringen in Sweden! – Ed.]

Main websites listing many overseas events:

https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events?startDate=2024-09-01&endDate=2026-03-31&map=false&mode=List&showMyEvents=true&cancelled=false – IOF website.

http://cal.worldofo.com/?startdate=2024-09-01&stopdate=2027-01-01&post=0&where=All&latlng=&evtype=All – World of Orienteering.

http://www.orienteeringonline.net – Orienteering online.

https://orienteeringusa.org/events/calendar/ – USA events.

https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/events?map=false&mode=Calendar&showMyEvents=true&cancelled=false – Australian events.

https://www.orienteering.org.nz/events/?category=ONZ+A-Level+Event,National+O+League,National+Sprint+League,ONZ+Major+Event,MTBO+Major+Event,ONZ+Trials,ONZ+B-Level+Event – New Zealand events.

Below are specific websites that provide multi day events across the world. Focus is on foot orienteering events that are 3 days or more:

https://cyprusorienteering.com – multi-day event in Cyprus every March.

https://cityracetour.org – European City Races weekends.

https://maximusorientacion.com/mom/ – various Spanish training camps.

https://o-broc.com – Croatian event every October.

https://orienteering.vlaanderen/sylvester/ – Belgium between Christmas and NY, every year.

https://gcom.orientacioncanarias.com/?lang=en – Gran Canaries between Christmas and NY, every year.

https://pom.pt/2025/programme/ – Portugal Orienteering meet every Feb/March. Highly recommended.

https://www.oceaniao.nz – Oceania every two years in January in New Zealand.

https://eonorienteering.com – Turkish events usually in Jan, Apr and Oct every year. Highly recommended.

https://clubcoma.org/2024-mosc/ – Spanish sprint camp every Feb. Highly recommended.

https://www.5daysitaly.it/5daysitaly2025/ – Italy, early July every year.

https://o-broc.com – Brac, Croatia every October. Highly recommended.

https://boskcup.com.tr/ – Turkey October 2024

https://so-club.org/#rec719204600 – Tbilisi November 2024

https://www.orienteering.in.th – Asian Orienteering Champs Thailand December 2024

https://www.oryantiringtr.com/modays – Turkey April 2025

https://www.antwerporienteers.be/asom/ – Belgium April 2025. Highly recommended.

https://vihor.hr/en/zagreb-open-2025-alpe-adria-cup/ – Croatia June 2025.

https://www.rastiviikko.fi/en/2025 – Finland July 2025.

https://eoc2025.be/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/EOC2025-Bulletin-1.pdf – Belgium European Champs August 2025

https://www.wmoc2025.com – WMOC Girona August 2025

https://imga.ch/event/world-masters-games-2025/ – World Masters Games 2025 Taipei

https://imga.ch/about-the-masters-games/all-masters-games/world-masters-games/kansai-2027/#:~:text=The%20World%20Masters%20Games%20Kansai%202027%20brings%20together%20athletes%20from,true%20spirit%20of%20international%20sportsmanship. – WMG Kansai 2027

DVO at the world Masters in Italy in 2022. Several groups travelled separately, meeting at events and socially

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